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Fall of Vess Khala
#Copied from entryID 45365# This one is my entry to CGChallenge "The Journey Begins". It is also one step forward on my way to publish my own project Venhelis. Vess Khala means (in makkenian language) - White death. Holly order ,something like Templars recruiting young girls to hard duty under Green Godness orders- if the girl is usefull for Faith, devoted ,she might become Green Wather Sister - those girls are Vess Kahalas - and when Green Godness will die one of them will take over the Holy Green Wather and become living God .the other girls who has failed to pass Green Wather test (it is very strong and very addicting drug) are useless , they'are Bess Khalas -Black Death, shamed and cursed they mostly run away to search better life somewhere else , as mercenaries , prostitues, gladiators or just minor criminals ,stealing , killing etc. See "Railla Karnokailen" -one of the most known Bess Khalas

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Artist Name: Tomasz Jedruszek
Artist Country: PL
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