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The Mirror
#Copied from entryID 52053# I was playing around with a face that I did a while ago. I just took the head and started to sculpt shapes that I saw at the same time, like shadows that could create a cool shape or closing a little bit my eyes to see something different and this guy started to appear. Later I did a SSS and hair test, I liked the render so I started to modify it in Photoshop, just for fun. When I was photoshoping I thought it was like a mirror in a fairy tale, when the hero is approaching to a mirror and instead to appear his own reflect it appears some kind of deformed monster.

Copyright (C) Sergio Santos 2007
All Rights Reserved
No unauthorised duplication or distribution without explicit permission from the copyright holder.

Artist Name: Sergio Santos
Artist Country: ES
Entered for:
Software used:
  • Autodesk - 3ds Max
  • Pixologic - ZBrush
  • Adobe - Photoshop
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