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Young Rodeo
Tim ,a 12 year old son of a famous Bull Rider of his times always wanted to be like his father.His father used to encourage his son's passion for the same sport but on tamed bulls.He even bought the bullriders costume for Tim.But Tim didn't enjoy riding tamed bulls.One fine day Tim forced his Dad to let him ride his wildest bull but his request was in vain.That same day Tim somehow managed to enter the fence keeping out of his fathers sight and sat on back of the wildest bull.But his father noticed Tim sitting on the bull.Till he could reach the fence for help,Tim was already being carried by the bull. Tims father was surprised to see his son in total control of the wildest bull.He was stunned looking at the spectacular sight of his life.His young son performing a spectacular act made him realize that it was all in his blood.But soon he got Tim out of bulls back safely and warned him that he was too young for the sport.Tim later grew up to be known as the youngest Bull Rider(rodeo).

Copyright (C) rishikesh nandlaskar 2007
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Artist Name: rishikesh nandlaskar
Artist Country: IN
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Software used:
  • Autodesk - 3ds Max
  • Adobe - Photoshop
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