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In 3048, unexpextedly, a third of Planet Earth still remained populated but times were desperate. Some time during 2030 and 2037, a political activist group known as 'The Inellegenters' began preserving the worlds 'Great Minds' (brains) for hopeful transplants in the future. By 2056 the government had reclaimed the frozen brains but continued the preserving activity due to curiosity. In 3012 the Bubb-Sta12 was created as a tool for the purpose of carrying out everyday human activities. The 'robot' was programmed by a process of inputting the task needs into its onboard controls. A terrorist group known by the name 'Stillios V' stole and distrubuted a large number of the worlds 'Great Minds' in 3030. Perry Svink, a backyard scientist (as was the way for many in these times), found a way to connect himself to his Bubb-Sta12. He was approached by the 'high-powered' and tests began on the possibilty of using the Bubb-Sta12 as a way of fighting against the 'Stillios V'. Luckily the tests proved successful. At first, 'power-house' brains such as Sylvester Stallone were used. Known for his physical abiltiy, Stallone's brain proved to not be the solution, he was just an actor after-all so it wasnt too surprising really. Eventually a suitable brain was found, an army general whos identity was kept secret and soon numerous Bubb-Sta12's, now known as 'BuBBa', were often reported to be seen heroically saving the 'Great Minds'. Their secondary mission was to blow-up the newly discovered 'Stillios V' hide-outs.

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Artist Name: Dann Yates
Artist Country: GB
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