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Live on in spirit for the better future, do not give up!
A deity normally shouldn’t interfere in mortal world affairs, but this particular flower fairy (peonies & plum blossom, China’s unofficial national flower) was so touched by the extra ordinary actions of different people in times of crisis, she decided to give a helping hand to the people affected by the Sichuan earthquake, blessing Sichuan with prosperity and progress for it to be rebuild, same time giving the people more hope to live on happier. So to do that She actually leaps out from the space that shes supposed to be in and enters the real world. I played around with the borders at the side with only her overlapping to achieve this result. * I hope to encourage people viewing my work to just have a lighter heart, never and don't think about politics ( i hate that) - just try to appreciate life more. I'm also not intending to go into a propaganda artwork or any sort at the start. Hope nobody is offended by my theme and that you'll liked it. This is an entry i created earlier for the Nvdia design fusion contest. The whole artwork is digital painted in Adobe photoshop cs3 with my wacom tablet. Lots of reference used and original resolution is 9000 X 5625. Please enjoy.

Copyright (C) Hongji Zhuo 2007
All Rights Reserved
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Artist Name: Hongji Zhuo
Artist Country: SG
Entered for:
Software used:
  • Adobe - Photoshop
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