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Trapped between civilizations
#Copied from entryID 56066# Unknow civilization captured me after our spaceship went down over the newly discoverd planet. They put me in chains and some kind of a device or mask over my head. Its all a fuzz now, i dont remember who i am anymore. My memories are fading away and my body becomes weaker every second but i still feel that i have some strenght left.. atleast some hope. It seems like they use "our"(seems like im not the onlyone captured here on this savage planet) energy to supply their whole city with Power. I cant end this way..This isnt my fate!My mind is getting stronger, this cant be my fate! i need to do something before its to late.Anger.. im feeling real anger I NEED TO BRAKE LOSE!!

Copyright (C) Robin Olausson 2007
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Artist Name: Robin Olausson
Artist Country: SE
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  • Adobe - Photoshop
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