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Old Man With His Pets
I painted an original concept idea from my own. -- The old man seeks for domestic creatures from other planets and lives with these pets as he is an animal lover. He sometimes keeps them for himself and sometimes sells them or gives to others as a gift. But he loves all of them with a deep emotion. Whereupon, creature pet collection is kind of his lifestyle. -- In this scene we see a cheap and old fashioned like small restaurant, the old man with his creatures and a space outer guy looking back to those cute creatures. Maybe one of those creatures is from his own planet. So he is so happy to see an animal from his homeland. The Space outer guy is an herbivorous character and he is full of animal love sense too. -- WE SEE A UNIVERSAL FEELING ABOUT ANIMAL LOVE AND THIS FEELING IS A KIND OF CONNECTION BETWEEN A HUMAN AND A HUMANOID FROM ANY PLANET AROUND THE UNIVERSE.

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  • Adobe - Photoshop
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