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In the 16th century the oba of Benin died without any heirs, and the once-powerful kingdom of Benin was plunged into a century of chaos. A series of kings claimed the right to rule but failed to hold the kingdom together. Rebel chiefs fought to gain control of the weak kingship. Then a wise oba restored order to the kingdom, but not without making enemies. Iyase n'Ode (ee-YAH-say en Oh-day), a particularly ambitious town chief and one of the oba's two military commanders, rebelled against the oba. The evil chief continued to make trouble in the kingdom by siding with the jealous rival brother of the next ruler, Oba Akenzua (ah-ken-ZOO-ah) I. Iyase n'Ode was extremely powerful because he had the ability to turn himself into an elephant. It took the strength and wisdom of another military commander, the Ezomo Ehenua (ee-ZOH-moh ee-he-NEW-ah), to finally defeat Iyase n'Ode and save the kingdom __________________

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Artist Name: Mouhannad Qasemi
Artist Country: SY
Entered for:
Company: newboy
Software used:
  • Adobe - Photoshop
  • Autodesk - 3ds Max
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