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The Wandering Minstrel
#Copied from entryID 76820# I wanted to base this of the legend of Richard the Lionheart and Blondel the Minstrel. By 1260 a legend had developed that, after Richard's capture, his minstrel Blondel travelled Europe from castle to castle, loudly singing a song known only to the two of them (they had composed it together). Eventually, he came to the place where Richard was being held, and Richard heard the song and answered with the appropriate refrain, thus revealing where the king was incarcerated. So this is my version of Blondel apart from this is a woman. I looked at a lot of different cultures and time periods to create the piece. However the 3 main styles I was very inspired by were Baroque, French 18th C painting and Pre-Raphaelites. Also I wanted a slight modern twist so I added in some Visual Kei Japanese rock fashion elements. This piece was created in photoshop and painter.

Copyright (C) Mitchell Nelson 2007
All Rights Reserved
No unauthorised duplication or distribution without explicit permission from the copyright holder.

Artist Name: Mitchell Nelson
Artist Country: GB
Entered for:
Company: MJN ARTS
Software used:
  • Adobe - Photoshop
  • Corel - Painter
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