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The Crimson Lotus is in Bloom
This is my personal character Ren Akita. Pictured here at eighteen years old. Ren keeps her true gender a secret and has been leading the Akita family as a man. Missing for twenty-three years, much of Ren's past is a mystery. To the outside world the head of the Akita clan is known for being calculative, vicious and ruthless. The Crimson Lotus in the title refers to Ren herself, as 'Ren' means 'lotus' in Japanese. And like the lotus flowers she carries, Ren is pictured here awakened and in full bloom. A sign that there are violent changes to come.

Copyright (C) Rhinn Farah Elena Lam 2007
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Artist Name: Rhinn Farah Elena Lam
Artist Country: SG
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Software used:
  • Adobe - Photoshop
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