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Satanay Biyche is the heroine of the Nart Saga in the Caucasian mythology. Satanay, the mother of all the Narts, was born of a lovely flower which still bears her name. Her beauty was legendary. She was sought after by all the notable Narts for marriage. The story of the birth of Sosriqwe (her son) bears witness to the uncontrollable effect she had on men. As she sat on her haunches doing the laundry by the river, the cowherd, Zhemix'we, who was tending his bevy on the other side of the river, seeing her uncovered curvaceous limbs, was unable to hold back his semen (nafsi) as it was ejected across the river on the stone beside her. The stone later engendered Sosriqwe. She was also famous for her inventiveness. She discovered wine-making and gave the Narts their first taste of the elixir. She was the epitome of wisdom and sagacity. The Narts turned to her for council and advice in times of national calamities, and she was able to avert many disasters that could have annihilated the Nart nation.

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