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From the heaven
From the heaven. (here is the short story wchich I wrote with this illustration...) Probes were the only possible solution.. ...Ever growing, ever expanding civilization of Xeolians perrished. The Evolution ended, young born sterile, twisted or ill. Most planets of the Great Xeolian Empire literally died within few Xeolian generations. Great Genetic Salvation Program didn't work out. All crewmembers of the Far Space Colony Ship died before reaching destination planets, Hibernetics were helpless ...the small chance of survival lay within the Probes Program. Each small probe contained terraforming labs,growth accelerators, gene lab and almost infinite power supplies- capable of rebuilding Xeolian species within few thousand years.. Three houndred probes were sent to "colonize" habitable planets. Distant civilizations were given instructions how to handle with the probes allowing Xeolians to rebuild. Instructions were sent throuht deep space communications/hologramic probes/digital artists visions. Please do as follow: Step #1 If the probes is severly damaged do not go near it. It will rebuild within years. Any gases or liquids within the probe mustnt have any contact with living tissue. (...) Best wishes! Maciek

Copyright (C) Maciej Wojtala 2007
All Rights Reserved
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Artist Name: Maciej Wojtala
Artist Country: PL
Entered for:
Software used:
  • Corel - Painter
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