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Long Journey
Cover art done for There by Rhonda Parrish. The story is about Colby. She is looking for the magic stone at the heart of the Reptar's sacred tree. She needs the stone to save her bother from vampirism. Her mission is not easy because danger lurks around every corner. When she approached swamp she meet Xavier, a gentle soul trapped in the body of a monster - his current look is the result of the mad experiments of a man named Scholar who once held him captive. Xavier and his sentient shadow accompany her on her mission. He is so unhappy cause all the time Scholar does not let him get away... Colby and Xavier need to work together and overcome evil.

Copyright (C) Darek Zabrocki 2007
All Rights Reserved
No unauthorised duplication or distribution without explicit permission from the copyright holder.

Artist Name: Darek Zabrocki
Artist Country: PL
Entered for:
Software used:
  • Adobe - Photoshop
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