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This Plesiosaurus was the last painting I ever did. It was 1990 and we were designing a digital paint matte painting system on the SGI at Rhythm & Hues. I was working on a few personal paintings at night to help debug the process. Our ability to use scans was minimal and even our ability to cut and paste was severely hindered, so I approached it in a classic "dark to light" painterly fashion... and used a mouse. It was painful, yet the medium was fascinating me at this time. It was a relief to see that your color palette wasn't drying up and that you could rework endlessly without building up the canvas or ruining your matte board. To me, these were big revelations in a pre-Photoshop era. Oddly enough, Steve Grey and Marcel Samek, the two that were writing the paint software - have also since migrated to the game industry.

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