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  Ryan Church selected as Grand Master for digital art industry’s premiere annual publication.

16 June 2004 , Adelaide , Australia – Ballistic Publishing, creators of the internationally acclaimed EXPOSÉ series of digital art books, has announced the Grand Master award winner for EXPOSÉ 2. The Grand Master title is bestowed upon an artist exhibiting outstanding skill and tcontribution to the advancement of digital art. Selected by a highly celebrated panel of judges, Ballistic Publishing is proud to present the EXPOSÉ 2 Grand Master Award to Ryan Church. Working as the Concept Design Supervisor on Star Wars Episode II and now Episode III, and as a Senior Art Director at Industrial Light and Magic, Ryan Church is at the forefront of film concept design visualization.

“I'd like to deeply thank the judges for choosing me as the Grand Master for EXPOSÉ 2,” expresses Ryan Church. “The pages of EXPOSÉ are filled with great ideas expertly conveyed - it's an honor and a real pleasure for my work to share space with them. I'm honored and excited to have been chosen Grand Master of EXPOSÉ 2.”

Like many talented artists, Ryan Church started his art career at a very young age (4-5 years old). With direction from his father, an industrial designer, Church developed his drawing and painting skills by copying images from dinosaur and spaceship books, and illustrating scenes from movies. “It really helped that my father was, and still is, an Industrial Designer”, explains Church. “His enthusiasm and ability to show me illustrating techniques really allowed me to grow as a designer early on.” Church honed his abilities at Art Center where he learned as much from fellow classmates as he did from the instructors. Church graduated in winter 1997 and immediately started at Walt Disney Imagineering, working on blue-sky concepts for future theme parks and freelancing at Universal Studios. Five months later he started as a concept designer on a digital feature in production at Industrial Light and Magic. Moving from Southern to Northern California , he worked in the Digital Features department, commuting to teach Entertainment Design at Art Center . After two years working on various Digital Feature projects, Church moved into the position of Concept Design Supervisor that he holds to this day.

“It's a thrill for my work to share its pages with so many other expressions of hard work and original thinking,” continues Church. “It's very satisfying to be associated with a collection of artwork such as EXPOSÉ, that celebrates such creativity and expertise, and shows that there are still so many great ideas out there waiting to be realized.”

The EXPOSÉ 2 Advisory Board and Jury members that awarded Ryan Church with this honor are:
Diana Walczak
Artistic Director and Co-Founder,

Syd Mead
Visual Futurist and Designer
Feng Zhu
Concept Art Director
Andrew Hartness
Architect/3D Developer, Ateliers Jean-Nouvell
Lorne Lanning
President/Creative Director, Oddworld Inhabitants
Bay Raitt,
Digital Sculptor and Animator, Weta Digital
Daniel Wade
Editor EXPOSÉ 2, Ballistic Media
Mark Snoswell
CEO and Editor EXPOSÉ 2, Ballistic Media

“We have been staggered at the level of interest that EXPOSÉ has attracted. This has been reflected in all areas from entries through to sales. At the heart we are thrilled that EXPOSÉ is realizing our mission to enhance the state of digital art globally. This is no more apparent than in the skill and work of truly awesome artists like this year’s Grand Master, Ryan Church.”
Says Mark Snoswell, CEO of Ballistic Media, Art Director and Editor of EXPOSÉ.

EXPOSÉ is the digital art industry’s premiere annual publication celebrating the creative talents of computer graphic artists worldwide. EXPOSÉ 1 set extremely high standards in production quality and featured artists, and won critical acclaim and numerous awards. EXPOSÉ 2 will capitalize on the phenomenal global success of its predecessor which was sold in 68 countries worldwide and features more of the finest digital artwork the world has ever seen. EXPOSÉ 2 consists of international artwork covering the fields of 3D, digital illustration, industrial design, architectural visualization, games, television and feature film. EXPOSÉ 2 will begin shipping worldwide in July 2004.

Pre-order discounts are available from Ballistic Publishing until 30 June 2004 exclusively from the Ballistic Publishing website at www.ballisticpublishing.com.

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