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Ballistic Publishing Newsletter - March 2007
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Character Modeling 2
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Our latest book
d'artiste: Character Modeling 2 has just come off the press. It is available for pre-order, and is already receiving rave reviews.

... these are awesome! Not only is the featured artwork stunning, not only are the tutorials revealing, but the books themselves are works of art. Really outstanding production standards, you should all be proud of yourselves ....
Larry W. Bowman M.Ed
The Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumburg

We are proud to present a master class of character modeling techniques from three of the best: Kevin Lanning; Zack Petroc; and Timur "Taron" Baysal. Each master artist shows the approaches and techniques they use to create amazing characters and creatures for films and games.

Character Modeling 2 features the incredible work of Kevin Lanning and the team at Epic Games, creators of the triple-platinum Xbox 360 game Gears of War. Kevin details the high-polygon and low-polygon workflows that allow Epic Games to create its menacing next-gen game characters. Timur “Taron” Baysal follows with his hard-won techniques on building creatures with personality, and Zack Petroc brings it all home with his sculpting approach to creature modeling for which he is world-renowned.

This book will sell out fast with in excess of 1,000 orders being placed in less than a week. Pre-order your copy now and we will make sure you will be in the first group to receive this amazing new book. Shipping in early May.

Limited Edition release
With each d'artiste title we produce only 200 individually-numbered, leather-bound Limited Editions. Character Modeling 1 Limited Edition sold out. For customers who purchased Character Modeling 1 Limited Edition, we have reserved the same numbered Character Modeling 2 Limited Edition prior to a full public release later this week. If you have a Character Modeling 1 Limited Edition, have not received an email from us, and want to reserve a copy then email Helen immediately to secure your copy. If you missed out last time and want a Character Modeling 2 Limited Edition, check the reservation page after noon GMT on Thursday 22nd March and select your numbered edition.

Limited Editions come with four exclusive prints.

Free shipping to CGS Members

Don't forget we ship to CGS Members for free and we have extended the offer to pre-sales and pre-orders. Join CGSociety now and take advantage of free shipping and many other member benefits.


Ballistic Publishing (the publishing arm of the CGSociety) makes the BEST books ever. I especially love their d'artiste Master Class series and Character Modeling 2 looks like it's the best ever. It's packed with the most awesome pics from Gears of War...they constantly amaze me with all the stuff they publish. Good one Ballistic and CGSociety - another winner :)
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Daniel Wade
Daniel Wade
Managing Editor
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With free shipping for CGS members, now is the perfect time to buy in bulk.

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Zack Petroc
Zack Petroc
Zack Petroc has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Cleveland Institute of Art with a major in Sculpture and dual minor in Drawing and Digital Media. He is currently working as a freelance Art Director and Concept Designer for feature film and games and one of the team of authors who worked with us to put together Character Modeling 2. We spoke to Zack about his journey as a sculptor and modeler. More>>
Soa Lee
Soa Lee
Soa Lee produced the amazing image that has become the face of Exotique 2. In November of last year we talked to her about her work, her inspiration and her career prospects in a new spotlight. This feature is well worth a read if you didn't catch it the first time around. More>>
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