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Ballistic Publishing Newsletter - April 2007
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A new title in a new format. This, the first book in the new 'Creative ESSENCE' series, takes readers a step further than any of our previous books to show you how lifelike characters are created in a production environment. Designed for artists with a mid-to-advanced understanding of 3D character creation, the book starts with the photo shoot of fashion model Monika and draws on the methods of six professionals to create a digital model from beginning to end.

ESSENCE: The Face encompasses each stage of the character creation process including reference photography, modeling, UV mapping, texturing and rendering. Paul Fedor, Hong Suck Suh, Peter Levius, Matt Hartle and Mark Snoswell take you through each phase showing you how to create a digital double that would be at home in a next-gen game or HD movie. Preview the whole book here.

We are proud to release this new book and companion DVD for pre-sale. The first 300 customers who purchase the book will receive a free set of models and textures for immediate download.

Companion DVD
We have compiled an extensive collection of the digital assets used in ESSENCE: The Face to help create amazing face models.

Complementing the book we have developed a DVD including a set of models, textures, photographs, software and tools that will allow you to immediately develop your skills based on the techniques outlined in the book. Normally priced at USD $40.00, the DVD is available at a 50% discount when purchased with the book.
It is recommended ESSENCE: The Face be purchased to accompany the DVD.

New stores

Kinokuniya Thailand
Ballistic Books are now available from four Kinokuniya stores spread across the globe with a new store in the Central World Plaza, Bangkok coming on board. Kinokuniya customers can now purchase our books from stores in Bangkok, Los Angeles, Jakarta and Sydney.

Free shipping to CGS Members

Don't forget we ship to CGS Members for free and the offer extends to pre-sales and pre-orders. Many of our regular book buying customers have joined the CGSociety and taken advantage of free shipping and many other member benefits.

What they said

Character Modeling 2 continues to sell well. We have been thrilled by the response to this book:

On a first browse I would have to say the book is fantastic. Our modeling stream will be going bananas! Nice job!
Larry Bafia
Head of Animation & Visual Effects, Vancouver Film School

WOW! I'm reading through the workflow on Gears of War and I just have to say that this is staggering stuff. For game artists like myself, this is very likely the most valuable book I have ever seen.
Brian Watson

OddWorld continues to Charm
Oddworld characters, Abe & Munch, were featured on the cover of the February issue of Art Scene International, and the magazine went on to say this.

The Art of Oddworld" brings a collection of the best illustrations, sketches and renderings that have been created behind the walls of the creative workshop. 258 pages filled to bursting might be a trip into another world for some, a treasure box of ideas for others. Even when you are not a games fan you will be enthusiastic about this book with its queer fantasy characters, the extraterrestrial landscapes the informative concept studies and the background knowledge about games development.
Art Scene International

Oddworld the first 10 years was the fifth book produced by Ballistic Publishing and almost three years later the book and Lorne Lanning's amazing work continues to attract attention and praise. Limited editions and soft covers are available here.

Artist profiles

The Ballistic Publishing site now includes profiles of Artists and contributors to our books. Learn more about 15 top artists including Linda Bergkvist, George Hull, Ryan Church and Syd Mead (see more of their work through direct links to CGPortfolio).

Daniel Wade
Daniel Wade
Managing Editor
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