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Ballistic Publishing Newsletter - July#2 2007
Expose 5 - All Editions Available Now
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Lorne Lanning

Ballistic Publishing and 3D.SK present the ULTIMATE in photo reference
We have released the first of our new ULTIMATE, royalty-free photographic collections to meet the growing demand for ultra-high-quality image assets for game and film creators. Developed in conjunction with our friends at 3D.SK, the dual-DVD set is packed full of the highest quality 16-megapixel photographic reference available.

The ULTIMATE DVD photographic sets are ideal for digital artists who are creating high-resolution texture maps and matte paintings for film or next-gen game productions. The series will offer multi-gigabyte collections with the convenience of DVD delivery.

  • Dual-DVD set
  • 300 high-resolution photos (clad and semi-clad in hundreds of poses)
  • Royalty-free
  • Exceptional 16-megapixel resolution
  • RAW and TIFF versions of every image
  • Easy-to-use navigation
  • Indexed with keyword search and simple browser interface
The ULTIMATE Klara Medkova dual-DVD set is available via for just $65.00 (USD). Free shipping is available to CGSociety members.

More Ballistic resellers

Our worldwide reseller network has grown to 140 stores across eight continents. We are proud to work directly with this group of independent resellers. It is our goal to ensure our customers can purchase Ballistic books in the way they are most comfortable whether online or from their favorite bookstore. We are committed to search out the best booksellers and invite them to stock our books. If you have a favorite bookstore close to you that don't have our titles let us know and we will contact them. Also, tell them about us. Nothing is better than referral by a customer.

What they said
When is a how-to book not a how-to book? The answer is simple: When it is part of Ballistic Publishing's new ESSENCE range...As with Ballistic's previous publications the book oozes quality from the minute you slide it out of its hardcover slipcase...The book is aimed at mid-to-advanced artists looking to create hyper-realistic faces. And yet, even with that caveat, we can't help but feel that its pages will be equally as inspiring to junior artists and those new to CG.
3D World Issue 94, September 2007

As with the previous titles in this series, EXPOSE 5 does a fantastic job of gathering the world's best digital artists. With ever-increasing numbers of entries making the judging process harder, it's looking like you may need to buy a bigger coffee table.
ImagineFX issue 021, August 2007
All editions of EXPOSÉ 5 and ESSENCE: The Face are available for immediate shipping.

Go to the Ballistic website to flick through all of our books with the unique Book Previewer.

Artist Profile
This week Oddworld Inhabitants' Lorne Lanning gave us an exclusive glimpse of his new CG film and online game project: 'Citizen Siege'
Daniel Wade
Daniel Wade
Managing Editor
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