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Ballistic Publishing Newsletter - September 2008

MATTE PAINTING 2—is now available to PRE-ORDER!

Grab your chance to place your order for this highly anticipated new addition to the d'artiste series! Matte Painting 2 will be shipping worldwide at the end of October 2008.

The seventh book in the d'artiste series—Matte Painting 2—features Master Artists, Yusei Uesugi (the first digital movie matte painter), Max Dennison and Chris Thunig. With more than 30 Hollywood blockbuster movies to their credit, they show you the approaches and techniques used to create unforgettable movie environments.

Exclusive Offer to the first 300 Ballistic Customers who pre-order Matte Painting 2!

  • A specially created Camtasia walkthrough by Frederick St-Arnaud, the artist who created the front and back cover of Matte Painting 2 (The Decline of Babel Myth). Frederick describes each layer he uses to highlight and design the action scene, showing how he created a futuristic image inspired by 'Blade Runner'.

  • Also a set of four bonus prints are yours free, when you purchase d'artiste: Matte Painting 2 Limited Edition. The bonus prints also come with the first 300 slipcased editions.

Praise for Matte Painting & the d'artiste series:

"Ballistic Publishing has quickly worked its way to the top of the list of instructive books about digital art with the d'artiste series and Matte Painting does not disappoint the readers either."
Art Scene International

"These “Invited Artist Gallery” sections are another example of the smart thinking that goes on at Ballistic. Not only do readers get the opportunity to see what is inspirational and exciting for the featured artists, but we also get commentary on many of these pieces. There is nothing quite like reading an accomplished creator examining the work of others".
VFX World

Recent Reviews


"From architecture to fantasy, cars to construction....a journey through computer-generated graphics in their finest form, in some cases challenging the artist's brush and pen in all its fine silicon chip rendered beauty". Desktop Magazine - August 2008


"Stunning Fantasy and sci-fi techniques, plus a showcase of living's this versatility that makes this book a great showcase and a valuable resource for any artist".
ImagineFX - September 2008

"Take a look at the finest digital masterpieces from around the world....the fantastic thing about the series is that it provides an amazing opportunity to unpublished artists who are waiting for their chance to be noticed. EXPOSÉ titles have become quite a cult series as far as digital artists go, with everyone desperate to get their hands on the coveted graphics bible....yet another great addition to the Exposé series, scoring you plenty of arty points if placed on your coffee table".
Corel Painter - Official Magazine

Special Bundling Discounts are available for all standard edition Ballistic titles

  • Buy d'artiste MATTE PAINTING 1 & 2 and receive over $13.00 (USD) off!
  • Buy EXOTIQUE 1,2,3 (Softcover) and receive over $23.00 (USD) off! 

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    Daniel Wade
    Daniel Wade

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