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Ballistic Publishing Newsletter - November 2008
Massive Black: Volume 1 now Available!
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MASSIVE BLACK: Volume 1—now available!

Ballistic Publishing unveils its latest release—MASSIVE BLACK: Volume 1!

Now is your chance to get your hands on this spectacular collection of art from the world’s most exciting concept art studio—Massive Black.

Founded in 2002 by a group of passionate developers, Massive Black has grown to become a powerhouse of the entertainment industry—particularly in the areas of concept art, illustration, 3D, animation and intellectual property development. During its six-year history, the company has worked on 210 projects, generating a staggering 30,000 pieces of concept art for games, film, television, graphic novels, toys, and advertising.

Massive Black: Volume 1 provides a glimpse of the work created at the company including professional game work for id software, Sega, Atari, THQ/Volition, BioWare, Codemasters Software, Deep Silver, Vicious Cycle Software, EA, and Pandemic Studios. Notable game projects featured in the book include ‘Saboteur’, ‘Red Faction: Guerilla’, ‘Golden Axe: Beast Rider’, ‘Iron Man’, ‘Hellgate: London’, ‘Dragon Age: Origins’, ‘Maelstrom’, ‘Ride to Hell’, ‘Dead Head Fred’, and ‘Severity’.

Massive Black: Volume 1 brings together more than 700 pieces of artwork by the Massive Black team from studios in North America and Asia. A foreword by Oddworld's Lorne Lanning provides an entertaining view of his dealings with Massive Black and his thoughts on what makes it such a unique artist-focused company, while Jason Manley (co-founder of Massive Black) recounts the formation of the company with partners Justin “Coro” Kauffman, and Chris Hatala.

“The driving force with the Massive Black book was to get some of the 30,000+ pieces of artwork created in the last six years out there,” according to co-founder Jason Manley. “We have always wanted to do the kind of art book that was worth having out on the table. With so much work to share, and the worlds of Massive Black Entertainment well under way, we felt that it was finally time to do that. We looked at various options to produce the book and Ballistic Publishing was our top choice due to their great expertise getting the best results in print.”

Exclusive Offer to the first 300 Ballistic Customers who order MASSIVE BLACK: Volume 1

The first 300 customers to buy Massive Black: Volume 1 will receive a free download of Justin "Coro" Kaufman's "El Coro: Weapon Design" tutorial video from Massive Black DVD. "Coro" has worked on literally hundreds of game titles in his career as an Art Director and Concept Artist. This experience has made him someone who clearly understands that the goal of a concept artist is to provide a very specific visual solution for a client or game. The video tutorial has plenty of information about painting techniques and design philosophy, and always focuses on producing a deliverable asset. The intermediate level tutorial runs over 60 minutes in length.

Customers will receive an email containing download information from Massive Black within three working days from the acceptance of their order for Massive Black: Volume 1.

Recent Reviews


"A staggering and beautiful look into the process of creating matte paintings, this is a fantastic book filled with imagery of the highest quality. Not only will it inspire you to create your own matte painting, but it also demonstrates the talent involved in creating the awe-inspiring locations and imagery in modern film".

"Those ever trusty folks at Ballistic have delivered the goods again with this stunning second collection of the best of the world's matte artists. The quality in this second volume shows no sign of slowing up, as even the quickest peek between the sumptuous glossy covers offers up many rich, magical images to treat your eyes.".


"By their own credentials and art experience, these selected master artists were a perfect fit for this book. Their words, works and tutorials make this book really shine. .. not merely a collection of fine artwork, but a treasure trove of information and inspiration that any digital artist would surely want on his or her bookshelf."

"Stunning Fantasy and sci-fi techniques, plus a showcase of living legends. The four artists are very different in style and work methods, and within their portfolios you can also see a huge range of styles. It's this versatility that makes this book a great showcase and a valuable resource for any artist."

Exotique 4

"The book is a collection of CG character art from some very talented artists from all across the globe. They all range in style but one thing that they have in common is that they are all amazing pieces of art. As I thumbed through the pages of the book, there wasn’t one that I wouldn’t love to have hanging on my wall. Rich in color and subject, any lover of digital art, games, and anime is sure to fall in love with this book".
Girls Got Game!

"EXOTIQUE 4—Beauty in print".

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    Daniel Wade
    Daniel Wade

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