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Utherworlds—The Art of Philip Straub

It's not often we get to say this, but we're very excited to announce a book that has been almost six years in the making. Philip Straub's Utherworlds fantasy graphic novel is available to pre-order today, and as a thank you to early purchasers you'll receive two tracks from the unreleased Utherworlds soundtrack.

Utherworlds measures in at a huge 10" x 15" making it the biggest Ballistic Publishing book so far. Our goal was to make a book that in every way felt like a limited edition collectable that would showcase Philip's amazing paintings. Utherworlds is like no other Ballistic Publishing book with almost every inch of every page illustrated or painted with elements from the story.

Exclusive Utherworlds soundtrack offer—The first 200 buyers of Utherworlds will become the first people in the world to hear the title track from Utherworlds soundtrack by composer Alan Hewitt, along with an alternate track from the soundtrack. The free download of the tracks will be available on purchase while the full Utherworlds soundtrack will be released on

EXPOSÉ 7—Get the best EXPOSÉ yet!
EXPOSÉ 7—is in the warehouse. If you haven't ordered your copy, now is the time. We've included more artwork from more artists than any previous EXPOSÉ book, and the quality of entries for EXPOSÉ 7 was spectacular.

EXPOSÉ 7 also pays homage to renowned concept artist, Ralph McQuarrie with the Grand Master Award for his storied career as the artist who visualized the Star Wars universe. EXPOSÉ 7 features major Star Wars concept art, along with other work from McQuarrie's portfolio including paintings for Isaac Asimov's short stories in Robot Visions.

EXPOSÉ 7—Around the World
You may recognise some of the EXPOSÉ 7 artists by their style, but we thought it was time to bring them out from behind the screens. EXPOSÉ 7 Around the World invited all featured artists to send in their photos in front of landmarks from their home towns (though the first batch are mostly indoors). It's great to see so many artists from all corners of the globe, and to remind ourselves of why we do what we do. Have a look at the first 15 artists here, and visit every day for new posts in EXPOSÉ 7 Around the World.

Join us on Facebook
Ballistic Publishing has created a Facebook group for EXPOSÉ 7. Join us to keep up to date with all the essential EXPOSÉ 7 news including the EXPOSÉ 7 Around the World feature. Click here to join the EXPOSÉ 7 group.

EXPOSÉ 7 bringing artists together
EXPOSÉ 7 artists Jack Zhang working at EA Montreal and Donglu Yu from Eidos Interactive, are engaged! We wish them both the best of luck for the future. See the feature story on CGSociety.

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Recent Reviews

Massive Black


"Lovingly put together by Ballistic Publishing, each of the 700-odd images positively drips with that knowing blend of class, curiosity and wicked humour that Massive Black seems to have fermented so well. If you’ve been a fan of the studio’s work you’re going to love this insight into its world. And if you’re new to its creations, well, what better introduction. This is one heck of a
sexy book."



Every single work featured is superb. Laid out in mostly on an entire page (along with occasional two-page spread and a tasteful three images to a page), the color reproduction is about the best I've seen in an art book. Short of using tipped-in plates where the images are reproduced separately and then tipped-in to the book (a process which is very expensive), I don't think they could have done a better job in presenting the images.

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