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Utherworlds—Available now!

Philip Straub's Utherworlds showcases the tremendous talent and vision of one of the community's most passionate and generous artists. Each page of Utherworlds is a testament to Philip's craft with beautiful matte paintings spanning entire spreads, and intricate illustrations within the story pages guiding readers deeper into The Realms.

The Utherworlds fantasy graphic novel is available to pre-order today, and as a thank you to early purchasers you'll receive two tracks from the unreleased Utherworlds soundtrack.

Like the Philip Straub's fantasy tale, the production of Utherworlds has been a challenging process with a few setbacks, and an eventual victory over the forces of darkness. From the beginning of the book's life, we set ambitious goals to push the boundaries in both the size and the quality of the book's finish. However, as we prepared to launch Utherworlds in June this year we found that the first printing of the book did not meet the quality standards we set for not only Utherworlds, but every Ballistic book. Though it was a very difficult decision, we chose to reprint Utherworlds to ensure the book matched the craftsmanship of Philip's work.

We were very mindful of the loyal fans of Philip's work who pre-ordered Utherworlds as soon as it was launched, and especially the amount of time that they waited to receive their books. As a thank-you to these loyal customers, we decided to upgrade them from a standard hardcover edition to something a little more special.

Utherworlds Limited Edition—with hand-signed certificate
Created as a thank-you to Philip Straub's loyal fans, we created a leather-bound Limited Edition of Utherworlds in a suede-like finish along with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity hand-signed by Philip Straub. Only 100 of these Limited Editions were created with the majority offered as a free upgrade to the customers who pre-ordered Utherworlds. A small number of these editions are on sale now, and you can choose the numbered edition on the Utherworlds Limited Edition order page.

New shipping options
We know that shipping costs to some parts of the world can be high, so we're always looking for the most secure and inexpensive options for shipping our books. We can now offer Registered Post International (RPI) as on option in our online store. For a list of the countries that will benefit from the new shipping option, go to the Ballistic Publishing Shipping page.

Ballistic reseller blog
Our legendary Account Manager Alan Halstead has started a reseller blog to bring together news of all the great stores around the world that stock Ballistic books. I'd recommend going back to day one to see some great pictures of resellers’ stores and video introductions of both Ballistic and EXPOSÉ 7.

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Recent Reviews

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This book is the first volume of the works involved, and it is a visual phenomenon. Printed on glossy paper, each illustration jumps at you from its page. If you're in need of inspiration and new ideas, Massive Black is more than capable of fulfilling this need. We love it from front to back, and it's one to definitely have on the bookshelf.
Photoshop Creative



Ultimately, a flick through or a thorough rummage will reap equal rewards, as the staggering array of imaginative, varied artwork from the best brains of fantasy and sci-fi art continue to provide both eye candy and a more substantially nourishing visual feast.

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