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d'artiste Character Modeling 3
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Creatures in the mesh
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d'artiste Character Modeling 3 Limited Edition
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d'artiste Character Modeling 3—Now with free models

d’artiste Character Modeling 3
takes you into the creative minds of some of the best character modelers and digital sculptors in the world. From the modeling team of the blockbuster PlayStation 3 game ‘Killzone 2’ headed by Guerrilla Games with Massive Black and Liquid Development, to top Hollywood modelers Cesar Dacol Jr. and ILM's Giovanni Nakpil, each page is jammed full of techniques and approaches that will take your modeling skills to the next level.

Cesar Dacol Jr.
d'artiste Character Modeling 3 begins with the work of Cesar Dacol Jr. where he draws on his 20 years of movie industry experience to create three very different creature designs from concept sketch through to textured final render. Cesar’s philosophy on working in the creative industry is well-explained, and his personal gallery showcases the many movie influences in his career.

Production focus: Killzone 2
The d’artiste series’ production focus continues with a behind-the-scenes look at the blockbuster Sony PlayStation 3 game ‘Killzone 2’. Created by Amsterdam-based Guerrilla Games, this unique glimpse of game character creation shows how a major game studio enlists specialist studios like Massive Black and Liquid Development to help create the huge number of assets required for a current-generation game. Art Director Jan-Bart van Beek discusses the challenges and techniques of managing the process, and shows with the help of Massive Black and Liquid Development how specific tasks like head modeling and creating the Helghast Sniper class of character was achieved.

Giovanni Nakpil
Giovanni Nakpil, senior modeler at Industrial Light and Magic showcases his sculptural skills by conceiving a creature in clay, and then taking it through the process of modeling the forms, refining the topology, to the final steps of rendering and presentation. Giovanni’s personal gallery showcases his amazing talent in both 3D and sculpture, and his invited artist gallery includes a who’s who of legendary Hollywood modelers.

Creatures in the mesh—Exclusive offer

For the first time in a d'artiste book, we are able to push the educational possibilities for 3D artists even further by making two of the featured tutorial characters available as downloadable high-resolution meshes. If you pre-order d'artiste Character Modeling 3 Limited Edition or you are one of the first 500 customers to pre-order d'artiste Character Modeling 3 slipcased edition you'll receive a download link allowing you to start exploring two of the models from the book in your own 3D software. What better way to understand the modeling process than by looking closely at the final meshes of these renowned character modelers? The featured models are Giovanni Nakpil’s quadruped creature, and Cesar Dacol Jr’s Pond Guardian creature.

d'artiste Character Modeling 3 Limited Edition

Ballistic Publishing is offering the d'artiste Character Modeling 3 Limited Edition featuring a black leather-bound cover and a numbered Certificate of Authenticity with a gold foil Ballistic Publishing seal. Only 200 of these limited, numbered copies will be available as extremely valuable and unique collectibles. Public pre-orders of these numbered Limited Editions will commence on Wednesday 4th November at the Limited Edition
pre-order page

Recent Reviews

Massive Black


This book is the first volume of the works involved, and it is a visual phenomenon. Printed on glossy paper, each illustration jumps at you from its page. If you're in need of inspiration and new ideas, Massive Black is more than capable of fulfilling this need. We love it from front to back, and it's one to definitely have on the bookshelf.
Photoshop Creative


d'artiste series
d'artiste series
The d’artiste series has been running for a few years now under the slogan “Digital Artists Master Class.” This is a big claim, but one that Ballistic consistently delivers on... The “Invited Artist Gallery” sections are another example of the smart thinking that goes on at Ballistic. Not only do readers get the opportunity to see what is inspirational and exciting for the featured artists, but we also get commentary on many of these pieces. There is nothing quite like reading an accomplished creator examining the work of others.

Fred Galpern, VFX World


Matte Painting 2
d'artiste Matte Painting 2
I can't stress enough just how incredible this book really is. Ballistic Publishing has a great history of gathering the finest in digital artwork, and the most masterful of artists in their publications, and they do not fall short of that here.

Nick C. Sorbin, Renderosity

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