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Ballistic Publishing - Exotique 3
Special Edition $115.00 (USD) In Stock
Soft Cover $59.00 (USD) Sold Out
Experience a completely new collection of the world’s most beautiful digital characters. EXOTIQUE 3 brings together the world’s most beautiful CG characters in genres ranging from science fiction, fantasy, anime, to photo-realism and stylized realism.
Featuring 292 artworks by 197 artists in 45 countries and printed to the high standards that Ballistic Publishing is renowned for, you’ll be both inspired and impressed by the original character art in EXOTIQUE 3!  

Free bonus prints with Special Editions
*A set of four bonus prints are yours free when you purchase EXOTIQUE 3 Special Edition. Each print is 220x297mm and finished to the highest quality standard.

1. Marta Dahlig “Umbrella sky” (client: ImagineFX magazine)
2. DeHong He “Moon night”

3. Piotr Fox Wysocki “The artist himself ”
4. Drazenka Kimpel “Purple Orchid”

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- Soa Lee
- Max Kor
- Marta Dahlig
- Alessandro Baldasseroni



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